Alicia Teagle – Our mission has always been to create a community driven recruitment company!

Alicia Teagle is one of the founders of a brilliant recruitment business called Socially Responsible Recruitment.

They had one mission when starting their very own Recruitment business and that has been to build a community led recruitment company.

5% of their profits go to charity and they do huge amount for their local community which they’re very proud of, Bristol!

Alicia was full of energy and passion which was extremely infectious. Alicia and her business partners are on a mission to do Recruitment the ‘right’ way.

I genuinely feel like recruitment businesses like Socially Responsible Recruitment are the future of the Recruitment Industry.

We discuss so much in this episode but key highlights of our conversation are the following.

– Don’t be afraid to stand out and be different.
– Alicia’s secret business development technique, White Rhinos?
– Why you should strive to love what you do.
– The secret to riding the waves of Recruitment, have a pet dog.
– Why more people should build Recruitment businesses that give back.

You can connect with Alicia Teagle on Linkedin – Alicia Teagle