Alex Stone – Recruiting in the States, 30% Fees and living in Brooklyn

This week I’m joined by Alex Stone who is the USA Director for Orbis Consultants.

Alex has worked in Recruitment for nearly 10 years and for the last couple of years he has taken his Recruitment career to the USA.

He now lives in Brooklyn and is building out the USA arm for Orbis Consultants.

We really break down how he built his America desk for 2 years in the UK before moving over to the states and what you should seriously be thinking about if you’re considering a move to America.

I thought it was really interesting to hear more about the different nuances that Recruiters face when operating within the American market, with the fees being higher and the reputation of a Recruiter being in a more positive light it genuinely sounds like an amazing opportunity to take your recruitment skills stateside!

Enjoy the episode, feedback is always welcome so please get in touch with me if you want me to cover certain topics with future guests that you would really benefit from.

You can connect with Alex on Linkedin – Alex Stone

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