Alex Harle – Getting a lot of good hard knocks early on in your Recruitment career is a great thing

In my opinion Alex Harle has the winning mindset when it comes to Recruitment.

I’m so excited for all of you to listen to this episode as Alex shares a ton of insight into becoming not only the best recruiter you can be, but why it’s so important to aim to become the best version of yourself.

Alex was told throughout his younger years that having an education is the route to success but it’s safe to say Alex has worked exceptionally hard to be in the position he is today as the Sales Director of a forward thinking agency Grovelands.

We discuss so many things in this episode but some of the highlights of this conversation are the following.

– The importance of having Rhino Skin Resilience
– Why you need to be the soundboard for your candidates and clients
– Having to be brutally honest with brand new consultants for your team
– Crystallizing your own vision and making sure it’s in line with the agency you work for
– Why you should seek mentors and the importance of being positive!
– Energy and Passion wins!

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