Agency Owner Rollercoaster | Zeth Couceiro & Shaun Potts – Beating their annual target in 6 months, and standing out from other tech recruitment companies in London through their progression and delivery model!

This week I’m joined by Zeth and Shaun – founders from Plexus Resourcing. 

Both have had stellar careers in recruitment and worked together at G2, before joining forces to create their own consultancy. 

This podcast covers a lot of interesting touchpoints such as scaling a business, implementing a delivery model alongside consultants as well as developing their niche. 

For recruiters who are wanting to learn more about scaling a business (revenue and headcount) then this one’s for you.

For the junior consultants out there, this is an excellent podcast to learn more about the types of options that are out there for delivery focussed roles, especially if you are looking to take a step away from BD. 


How did you both end up in recruitment? [2:01]

Were you guys good billers? [6:59]

Starting your own business[10:38]

Learnings around getting investment/not getting investment [14:20]

Breaking down year 1 [16:36]

How did you get clients? [19:32]

Challenges in year 1 [23:32]

Growth plans [30:25]

Year 2 & the importance of hiring an ops expert [31:32]

Hiring challenges [34:32]

Year three and hiring the right people [39:20]

How have you cultivated your culture? [43:38]

Relationship between the two of you [46:42]

Delivery model [51:00]

Hiring the correct delivery consultant [55:49]

The stresses of having your own business [56:31]

Getting advice from people [59:29]

What does resilience mean to you? [1:01:03]

Instilling resilience in your teams [1:04:05]

What are you excited about [1:05:50]

One piece of advice… [1:07:16]

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