Agency Owner Rollercoaster | Tom White – From selling phones, to building his own agency with offices in the UK and Europe!

This week I’m joined by Tom White who owns Paratus People.

After falling into the world of recruitment through starting his journey in phone sales, Tom has successfully built a recruitment business in four years with offices in Bristol, Amsterdam and Munich.

With 13 years of recruitment experience coupled up with being a Founder and Managing Director, I think for all senior recruiters looking to broaden their knowledge on leadership, mindset and drive need to give this one a listen.

For the junior consultants out there, this is an excellent podcast to educate yourself further on how to maximise your desk through planning as well as using research to give you extra confidence and knowledge when doing those difficult BD calls. You’ll be surprised at all the different approaches I hear on each episode.

Tom really was a pleasure to host on this podcast and without giving too much away, this is full of applicable ways to enrich yourself as a recruiter and leader. 


 “How did Tom White enter the world of recruitment?”  2.52

“The rec to rec journey” 5.30

“Best year for billings?” 8.06 

“Success, being driven and motivation“ 9.45

“Engulfing yourself in a market” 12.37 

“Doing the basics right” 14.40

“What did the typical day look like for you?” 16.06

“Managing finances and not splurging” 22.35

“Starting his own business” 23.41

“First year in business” 28.10

“Challenges in the first year” 31.59

“What do I need to invest in if I’m starting my own business?” 35.00

“Hiring right and looking for the correct traits” 42.03

“How do you think you’ve got the best out of your people?”  48.10 

“How has the journey been for you personally?” 50.35 

“Profits taking a hit when growing a business” 57.27

“What does resilience in recruitment mean to you?” 1.01.55

“What can people do themselves to instill more resilience in to teams?” 1.04.32

“2020 plans” 1.06.45

“Final piece of advice…” 1.08.51

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