Agency Owner Rollercoaster | Richard Bartlett and Kevin Tyler – The importance of having an advisor, surviving through Covid-19 and how it will transform the world of recruitment

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On this episode I’m joined by Richard Bartlett and Kevin Tyler from Consult Energy Recruitment. 

It’s always amazing to have two founders on the podcast, so I was super excited to get stuck into this episode.

They both entered the world of recruitment in their early 20s, and after working at separate companies but always keeping in touch, they decided to set up Consult Energy Recruitment.

The business was started ten years ago, and since then has grown to just under 20 in headcount. 

We cover a lot of interesting topics in this episode, but pay particular attention to the benefits of an NED as well as how they have handled their business during Covid-19.

For recruiters who are aspiring to set up their own business, there’s a lot of juicy information about NEDs, which is worth a listen.

For the junior consultants out there, this is an excellent podcast to educate yourself on other companies and how they have handled Covid-19, as there are a lot of takeaways that you can apply to your own desk.

You can connect with them both on LinkedIn:




How did you get into recruitment? [3:51]

What gave you the confidence to start your own business? [10:13]

Sthree [13:40]

Game plan for year one [16:43]

Picking and building your markets out [19:42]

When did things start to change for you? [22:34]

How have things changed due to those decisions you made? [24:30]

Knowing what you know now, what would you have done differently? [29:00]

Journey in growing the business [33:15]

Which hires would you have made earlier? [36:00]

What changes have you made during this time? [38:08]

Hiring learnings [39:33]

How did you go about finding an NED? [41:33]

How did you pick that person? [44:12]

When should people reach out to get an adviser? [46:19]

Most challenging decision over the last 8 weeks [47:08]

Interview process during Covid-19 [50:25]

What expectations have you changed? [52:26]

What does a typical week look like? [53:46]

How are things going to change post Covid? [55:56]

What are you excited to do post Covid? [1:01:44]

What would you say to the people? [1:04:08]

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