Agency Owner Rollercoaster | Mark Bracknall – The power of an internal recruitment process as well as putting culture at the forefront of your hiring strategy

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On this episode I’m joined by Mark Bracknall, Co-Founder and Director at Theo James Recruitment. 

He started his recruitment career in 2008, and five years ago chose to set up his own recruitment business – and what a journey it’s been!

I always love having recruitment business owners on the podcast because each story is different, and Mark gives some amazing insight into the inner workings of his business as well as tips for other business owners.

For those who are wanting to learn more about an internal recruitment process and how to make it effective, this one’s for you.

Mark also shares some information on the type of technology they’ve embodied to enable them to scale effectively.

You can connect with Mark on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/markbracknall/


How did you get into recruitment? [0:54]

Career journey [6:40]

Managing people [8:44]

What gave you the confidence to start your own recruitment business? [9:24]

Name of your business [14:25]

What did your first year look like? [15:50]

What happened in year one that you didn’t expect? [20:13]

What was the mindset going into year two? [24:42]

What was your sales pitch to get people to join you? [27:24]

Moving from a lifestyle to a small business [31:22]

What processes did you implement to scale? [32:50]

Year three [33:55]

Financial performance of the business [38:00]

How did your day change? [38:36]

How would you go about your transition today from biller to non-biller? [41:09]

Communicating that transition externally [43:14]

Hiring on culture [46:18]

Why was year four challenging? [49:39]

What’s your new interview process? [52:45]

Biggest challenges during Covid-19 [59:26]

What’s your mindset about the next few immediate weeks? [1:04:16]

What are you most excited about? [1:07:44]

What would you say to the people? [1:08:39]

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