Agency Owner Rollercoaster | Mark Baker – 18 years of running and scaling an international recruitment company (and things he wished he had done earlier)

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This week I’m joined by Mark Baker, Director and Co-Founder of Claremont Consulting.

He started in recruitment before I was even born (1990) and has grown an extremely successful recruitment consultancy that has been going for 18 years! 

With international offices, and over 50+ in headcount, Mark is someone I was buzzing to have on the podcast. I love having recruiters who have experienced drastic changes in economy, technology and seen the industry evolve – and Mark is one of those people.

During these times, I think it’s important to have guests on the podcast who have been through adversity previously and can share life experience and guidance to listeners.

For recruiters who are wanting to learn about growing a business internationally (and winning clients overseas) then this one is definitely for you.

For the junior consultants out there, this is an excellent podcast to hear about how recruitment has evolved, and what you can do to stay relevant and keep your relationships strong.

This is a meaty podcast, and slightly longer than others, but I feel that the value this will bring to all of you will be exponential!

Timestamps of the episode:

How did Mark Baker enter the world of recruitment [2:27]

How long have you been in recruitment? [6:24]

Why did you start your business? [7:19]

What year did you start your business? [8:34]

What were you surprised with starting your own business? [12:49]

When did you start stepping things up? [14:03]

Did you start adding people to your business? [15:42]

When did you think about scaling this business? [17:36]

What did your growth plans look like? [20:20]

What was your niche? [22:44]

How did you make your business less reliant on UK business? [25:42]

What’s your advice for people that are looking to expand their business to Europe?[28:20]

Where do you see a lot of people go wrong? [30:02]

When did you stop billing? [31:20]

How did you start transitioning [33:37]

How did your role evolve? [36:08]

What are the core responsibilities of an operations manager? [39:13]

Growing the business [40:33]

Apprentice scheme within the business [44:45]

What is your onboarding process? [48:12]

Would you say that external providers are important? [51:40]

Hiring triggers [54:08]

Growing headcount internationally [59:49]

How have you got better at communicating to different parts of the business? [1:03:36]

Challenges in an operational role? [1:07:06]

What else do you think would have helped you on this journey? [1:10:02]

Recruitment in the future [1:15:11]

What would you say to the people? [1:17:31]

You can connect with Mark on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/markbakerclaremont/

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