Agency Owner Rollercoaster | Kieran Kenny – starting an agency 16 months into his recruitment career, how he’s coping during a global pandemic as well as aspirations for the future!

On this episode I’m joined by Kieran Kenny, founder of Zelus Recruitment.

This episode is slightly unconventional, as he’s one of the few recruitment business owners that I’ve had on the podcast who has a) set up very young and b) set up with less than two years’ experience under his belt!

These types of episodes are always incredibly interesting, especially for the audience who are aspiring entrepreneurs, as you may see a lot of similarities with yourself in comparison to Kieran.

For recruiters who are wanting to learn more about the art of relationship building and creating a process, this one’s for you.

For the junior consultants out there, this is an excellent podcast to learn more about a young entrepreneur who may have less experience than you currently do, but can add an exponential amount of value.

You can connect with Kieran on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kieran-kenny-75908876/


How did you get into recruitment? [0:36]

Where did that confidence come from? [5:19]

Setting up on your own [8:59]

How did it feel? [11:31]

Business development strategy for Germany [14:54]

What made you push through the hard times?  [15:55]

How did it feel to do your first deal? [17:21]

What’s your personal network like? [18:27]

Social life and work [19:49]

What changes did you make to push on? [20:55]

BD with a purpose [25:35]

How did you learn about your USP and your market? [27:09]

Learnings [33:10]

Difference between headhunter and recruitment consultant [36:19]

How were you before Covid-19? [37:31]

Post Covid-19 [41:16]

The importance of good foundations [42:42]

What do you deem as success? [48:50]

What’s your mindset going into year 2? [52:38]

What would you say to the people? [53:52]

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