Agency Owner Rollercoaster | Joe Curtis – From corporate, to recruitment business owner, to investor – an insight into the world of being an investor for the recruitment industry!

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On this episode, I’m joined by Joe Curtis from 11 Investments & Recruiter Labs.

11 Investments – https://11investments.co.uk/

Recruiter Labs – https://recruiterlabs.co/

Initially starting his recruitment journey with Michael Page, we cover the highs and lows of his billing career.

We then dive into his motivations behind starting up 3Search with two other Co-Founders and then taking the leap to create 11 Investments!

I loved recording this podcast with Joe because it’s the first time I’ve had a recruitment business owner and recruitment investor on the podcast. 

For recruiters who are wanting to learn more about the recruitment investment market, then this is definitely one for you. 

Also, if you are thinking about setting up, but reluctant to go solo – this episode is going to add a lot of value and hopefully debunk some myths for you.

For the junior consultants out there, this is an excellent podcast to learn what your future could look like should you have ambitions to be a business owner one day.


How did Joe Curtis enter recruitment? [3:58]

What was your initial perception of recruitment? [5:22]

How did you get the opportunity to progress in a competitive landscape? [7:01]

Have you always wanted to start your own business? [8:06]

How did ThreeSearch come about? [11:03]

How did you differentiate yourselves? [12:30]

What did you start Eleven Investments [14:00]

What do Eleven Investments do? [15:40]

Common misconceptions of investors [18:45]

What are the red flags when going through an investment process? [20:54]

What have your biggest learnings been? [23:04]

Why are clients more likely to help smaller companies out? [29:42]

What are the core things you look at before investing in a biller? [31:58]

What makes some markets more attractive than others? [34:42]

Have you had exposure in the states? [37:17]

How important is it to have a business plan? [40:22]

When do you know if you’re ready to start a recruitment business? [43:40]

How quickly can you grow a recruitment business without investment? [47:37]

What have been some of the success stories? [50:00]

Where do you think businesses get it wrong on retaining their consultants? [53:51]

Hiring triggers [57:50]

Cultivating culture [1:00:07]

Advice for those starting their own recruitment business? [1:02:48]

How do you see recruitment evolving? [1:04:56]

What are you excited about? [1:11:31]

What would you say to the people? [1:11:43]

You can connect with Joe on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/joe-curtis-6278415/

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