Agency Owner Rollercoaster | James Mitra – Navigating through Covid-19, and why you don’t need to be motivated by money to be successful in Recruitment!

On this episode, I’m joined by James Mitra from JBM Executive Search. 

Initially falling into recruitment after wanting the London life, he carved the beginnings of his career at Michael Page before an injury from sport made him reflect on his true motivations for being a recruiter. 

His journey led him to set up his own Executive Search firm, and I love that his motivations were slightly unconventional to the ‘typical’ recruiter (which is often money).

We also speak about COVID-19 on this episode, which is great for anyone to listen to, regardless of what stage they are at in their career. 

If you are looking for a podcast that is positive, will make you laugh and uplift you during this time – this one’s for you! 

James also gives some advice on how to still keep connected with candidates and clients during COVID-19, without offending anyone or damaging your reputation.


How did James get into recruitment? [2:42]

How was Michael Page? [6:32]

First year billings [9:00]

Expectations and responsibilities [10:40]

How to get out of a bad headspace [14:06]

Looking back, why did your manager have such an impact? [17:29]

Thought process of starting his own business [19:57]

Blocking out the noise of imposter syndrome [24:27]

Strategy behind your business [25:45]

How was your first year? [28:31]

What would your advice be for people wanting to start up? [34:41]

Why did it take you two years to think you had a proper business?[36:11]

How important is it to start a business with other people? [40:42]

How did you plan to grow the business? [42:14]

Key mistakes people can learn from [45:00]

What was the best investment you made? [47:51]

Analysing clients as a two way relationship [57:07]

Live jobs that have dropped during Covid-19 [59:56]

What has Covid-19 taught you so far? [1:04:25]

What are you telling your team to focus on? [1:06:41]

What are you excited about? [1:11:11]

Advice to the people? [1:12:34]

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