Agency Owner Rollercoaster | Glen Walsh – Three recruitment companies and still going strong. How planning, branding and values are just as important as your billings.

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On this episode, I’m joined by Glen Walsh from Milk Education. 

He initially fell into recruitment after graduating from the University of Manchester and quickly realised that this was going to be his forever career. 

After working in New Zealand for a year, he took the leap in setting up his first recruitment business, which then stopped trading after just under three years. 

That didn’t deter him – and now Glen owns three recruitment companies operating in different markets. Glen’s journey is inspiring, and it’s clear that recruitment runs through his veins after recording this podcast.

For recruiters who are wanting to learn about branding and how this can position you positively after Covid-19, then this one’s for you.

For the junior consultants out there, this is an excellent podcast to learn about which behaviours will enable you to propel yourself forwards personally and professionally.


How did Glen get into recruitment? [4:06]

What happened in London that you didn’t expect? [6:03]

Learning experience and advantages [8:53]

Working in New Zealand [9:40]

Where did that initiative come from? [11:44]

What should people be doing to progress their careers? [15:47]

When did you start your first business? [18:00]

Why more than one business? [21:06]

The crash [22:10]

What did your life look like at that point? [23:15]

Not worrying about what you can’t control [27:36]

How did you identify that market and build on it? [29:05]

Milk and how it came about [31:21]

What did you implement and ensure you did correctly? [33:29]

How has social media impacted the business? [36:58]

How did you execute the brand and get buy-in from people? [41:10]

Milk Education’s growth [44:40]

How much did you invest into marketing? [45:37]

How do you make sure your values are instilled into your employees? [49:10]

Do you do anything to reward and motivate your consultants based on values? [52:10]

Growing in terms of headcount [55:13]

Have you had to furlough? [1:03:06]

Keeping staff motivated during this time [1:04:54]

How do you think Covid-19 is going to impact recruitment as a whole? [1:10:10]

What would you say to the people? [1:13:25]

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