Agency Owner Rollercoaster | Adam Richardson – Being a serial entrepreneur, scaling a recruitment business and investing in your operations team from day one!

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On this episode I’m joined by Adam Richardson, Founder of Strive Sales.

His journey is one that is unique, as he left recruitment for just under four years to try a new business venture, before diving back into the world of recruitment and setting up his own company. 

This episode is an interesting one as we cover a lot of topics.

Getting investment, building out internal processes as well as how to nurture a sustainable recruitment business.

It’s one of the few episodes of this podcast where we go into detail about the importance of having an Operations Manager, something which is clearly crucial when growing a recruitment company.

For recruiters who are wanting to learn more about growing a recruitment business and picking the right investor, this one’s for you.

For the junior consultants out there, this is an excellent podcast to learn more about the inner workings of smaller recruitment businesses, as well as some BD tips to help you diversify your approach in this “new world” we are now in.

You can connect with Adam on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/adam-richardson-687b48112/


How did you get into recruitment? [2:22]

How much has it helped being in business with someone you trust? [6:00]

Experience in your first recruitment role [7:09]

How did you achieve what you did? [9:52]

Best piece of advice you received during that time? [11:43]

First business venture [14:50]

Where did the fearlessness come from? [17:31]

How did you cope with selling a business to then going back into recruitment? [21:02]

What happened in that first year that you didn’t expect? [23:30]

How can hosting an event make me money? [25:34]

What was the set up at Insight? How did you get people to join? [30:22]

Strive recruitment [33:08]

What’s involved in scaling a business? [39:22]

Investing in recruitment businesses [45:39]

Holding yourself accountable [48:21]

What other decisions have you made that you think were influenced by your investors? [51:51]

How can you have an L&D program in a small business? [54:44]

How do you deliver training, development and progressing your consultants? [57:45]

Biggest challenges [1:00:07]

Hardest decisions in the last 12 weeks? [1:02:16]

Your journey with business development [1:03:32]

What does the future look like for you? [1:05:53]

What are you most excited for? [1:10:42]

What would you say to the people?[1:11:38]

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