A webinar on how to deliver a webinar.

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Having never delivered a webinar four to six weeks ago, I have delivered ten plus webinars in the space of four weeks.

Some people may think ‘Ahh webinars have been done, everyone is doing them now’ don’t fall into this trap.

The value of bringing people together in your market through a webinar in the current climate is a great way to give value to your industry and help differentiate yourself from the pack.

Loads of recruiters I have spoken to over the last few weeks have been wanting to deliver a webinar or have the idea to provide one.

But are feeling hesitant because they haven’t delivered one before then not to worry I’m going to share what I have learnt over the last couple of weeks…

My best advice on what webinar ideas I have seen work in different markets.

Tips that I wish I had found out before I did my first webinar.

What webinar tech to consider and use.

How to use the webinar to drive your sales activity.

Plus of course, I will answer as many of your questions as I can!

None the less once you have hosted your first webinar I’m confident you will want to do more.

I’m hoping this webinar can help you take action and complete your very first webinar!

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