#2 of How to stay at the forefront of your market in times of adversity with your personal brand.

This is the audio version of a personal branding webinar that I recently hosted.

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Building your personal brand as a recruiter has become more and more important to compete in a crowded market place.

The most successful Recruiters already have a reputation within their market.

It’s probably one of the most valuable assets you can have as a successful biller.

What’s changed over the last couple of years is this, the reputation that just used to remain in the ‘offline’ world is no longer enough.

Successful billers in the past have let their reputation remain in the one on one meetings, phone conversations and networking events.

Which means ‘online’ a lot of recruiters look the same.

Every recruiter now has the HUGE opportunity to take their reputation ONLINE with their ‘personal brand’ and have the chance to reach thousands with their message.

In difficult times like today building your brand, remaining at the forefront of your market and delivering value with your content will give you the best possible chance of being remembered during these ‘unprecedented’ times. (Would love to know how many times this word has been said on the TV over the last 2 weeks haha!)

It’s safe to say Linkedin is probably the nosiest it has ever been in recent times and it makes sense as a huge percentage of the global workforce is working from home.

Everyone all of a sudden has more time and a big chunk of this time will most definitely be consuming content.

But once you have done the ‘This is my working from home set up’ post what do you post next?

OR once you have posted about your group video call session with your colleagues, what do you post next?

What you do know is that everyone is talking about the coronavirus and you don’t want to blend in with the noise.

In this webinar, I went over the proven process I have taken 200+ recruiters through when helping them build their personal brand which will equip you with the fundamentals to stand out in a very noisy market.

I gave the audience some practical ideas that you can action tomorrow that will help you cut through the noise.

I finished this webinar off with an interactive Q&A session.

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